County Fair season is in full swing all over the Hudson Valley. Between now and the end of the month we will be able to get our fill of fun and funnel cake. This got me thinking of all my impulse buys at local fairs. Face it, we have all done it at one time or another. You know, bought that thing at the fair we were sure we would love forever. But now where is it and worse did we ever use it.

I had a close call with an impulse buy at the Ulster County a few years back. I actually had to walk around the fair for hours to finally talk my self out of buying a pumpkin shaped outdoor fireplace. Wanted it so much I text a picture to my husband to get his opinion. Mind you I had to walk away from it to stop obsessing that's when a spa / hot tub caught my eye and I was off like "shiny thing squirrel". What is it about the fair everything just looks so buy-able.

So what are some of the popular things we talk ourselves into at the fair?

1 - The giant plastic cup with built in straw. It is a must have whether it comes shaped as an alien or not. The idea is you have a built in sovereign plus these monster cups usually come with some sort of refill deal. Perfect if you are afraid you may go thirsty at the fair.

2 - Sand Art is another popular walk away sovereign because it feels like arts n crafts. You may have bought it but you also made it.

3 - The fun piece of clothing. This is everything from a sundress to a crazy fair t-shirt with a saying or just commemorating the fair. And yes, this category of fair buying includes the ridiculous hat your friends said you look good wearing.

So keep your wallet close and spend wisely on dog bowl fries and fried Oreo. Leave the home decor and weird clothes for another time.

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