A Hudson Valley contractor is heading to prison for defrauding a number of local homeowners.

On Monday in Orange County Court, 48-year-old Daniel McInerney of Blooming Grove was sentenced over seven years in state prison for weapons possession, felony tax evasion and defrauding customers of his home improvement contracting business.

On August 18, 2016, McInerney confessed he illegally possessed two handguns, didn't report and remit New York State personal income taxes and defrauded customers on home improvement contracts.

The Town of Blooming Grove Police Department received many complaints that McInerney had accepted payment in connection with multiple home improvement projects and failed to substantially complete the jobs or deliver materials that were to be purchased for the projects.

A further investigation revealed McInerney didn't pay his personal income taxes for 2010 in an amount in excess of $3,000, and for 2013 in an amount in excess of $1,500. During a search warrant of his home the illegal guns were found, officials say.

“It is important that homeowners know their rights when dealing with home improvement contractors,” Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler. “Unscrupulous contractors give legitimate contractors an undeserved bad name."

McInerney was one of four building contractors charged with felonies for defrauding property owners on contracts to improve real property in an enforcement action entitled “Operation Claw Hammer.”

McInerney is due back in court on August 16, for a conference concerning restitution for his victims.

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