When I saw this story on Facebook today I just had to share it. I am a rescue Mom and there is nothing like having a rescue animal becoming part of your family. They say that the rescue knows you saved them and I would agree. But I would also say it is more than that, it is a bond that forms immediately when your eyes meet at the shelter.

Lance who is pictured here with his adopted family dog Max most certainly knows that bond and probably wishes they could adopt more, but instead of just wanting to help he actually did help. Lance recently celebrated a birthday, Happy Birthday Lance. Instead of asking for something for himself he asked family and friends to help a well known rescue in the Hudson Valley CARE of DC where he and his family adopted Max.

Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County is a "No Kill" organization which is a non profit. The goal is to save as many animals as they can from euthanasia. They take animals from kill shelters and work to find them forever homes which often requires rehabilitation. They also work closely with other shelters and organizations. They take in corporate donations and distribute them to there partners.

Lance was able to collect food, treats and toys for CARE of DC. Not only did he donate an amazing amount of well need supplies but he also made a very generous cash donation. CARE of DC was extremely grateful and shared pictures of Lance with Max and their donations.


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