With the upcoming school year approaching, a lot of the local high schools and colleges are in pre-season work outs and practice.

Soccer, field hockey, track and field and football are all lacing up for their 2017 season. While we're not like Texas when it comes to football, we still live in a pretty competitive community.

A Spackenkill High School alumnus took his skills to college and it seemed to work. He made it to Sports Center on ESPN and produces clips of the top moments in sports that day. Yesterday was Camron Abalos' turn.

Abalos is a freshman at The College at Brockport in Brockport, New York. The Golden Eagles were in the middle of tackling drills when Abalos shined through. Abalos, who is a 5'8 wide receiver, was allowed one move. So, he jumped.

Cameron hasn't officially made it to the SC Top 10, yet. Judging by the attention it's getting, I have a good feeling it will.

We asked Spackenkill Varsity football coach Clinton DeSouza what he thought about his former player making it on Sport Center, he said, "Doesn't surprise me one bit. He's a superstar in the making. Kid owns every offensive record here and has hurdled many in his days here, even thought it's a penalty in high school football."

While at Spackenkill, Abalos reached 1,000 points on the basketball court and rushed 1,199 yards on the football field.



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