Summer is in full swing and probably the last thing on your mind is finding a blood drive near you so you can make a donation. The summer is one of those times during the year when blood is often needed but supplies are low.

The American Red Cross has posted on its website the urgent need for blood donors in July. They are so determined to get you to donate this month that they have sweetened the pot with an offer that might seem kind of crazy but definitely got my attention.

How to Win Shark Week Package offered by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has teamed up with the Discovery Channel for Shark Week. That's right Shark Week. Not exactly what you would expect but I have a feeling that this promotion is going to get them some donations. Everyone who donates blood in July with the American Red Cross will automatically be entered to win an exclusive Shark Week Outdoor Adventure Package.

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Where to Find a Blood Drive in New York

According to the American Red Cross website, the package includes a beach bike, a smokeless portable fire pit, a paddle board, a kayak, and a $500 gift card for accessories. To find a blood drive near you go to

Walden Fire Department Blood Drive

Speaking of blood drives, there's one being held this Friday (July 15, 2022) at the Walden Fire House 230 Old Orange Ave in Walden. It's worth stopping by and finding out if this counts toward the Shark Week prize. The drive is at The Walden Fire Department from 12 N to 6 PM.

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