If you're ever planning to run for political office, your going to need a good campaign slogan and we figured out a way to come up with the best one.

Every Thursday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we head out to South Dakota to rework the faces of Mount Rushmore with some sort of theme. There are four faces that make up Rushmore so every week we try to come up with 4 of what ever our theme is.

This week our theme was "Our Four Favorite Fake Presidents". We went down the movie road and came up with ours...

MNT Rushmore Fake Presidents

As we were talking about the presidents on the air, we got a text through the Wolf mobile app that mentioned the Allstate commercial guy, you know the guy, "Are you in good hands?". He also played President David Palmer on the TV show 24. FYI, his real name is Dennis Haysbert and if he is every thinking of running for political office, he has a great slogan already, "Your in Good Hands"!

We all need a slogan like that and Jess mentioned to us that she found a real simple way for all of us to come up with our very own campaign slogans. All you need to do is take your first name and add that to the last thing you texted. For example mine would be, "CJ, I Need That Cash Back ASAP!" C'MON, who wouldn't vote for a slogan like that....LOL! Jess went with, "Jess, She Looks Like She's on Drugs!"

Take your name and add in the last text you sent and come up with your slogan and call or text it to us through the Wolf app so we can see if you would get our vote or not. Here are some of the slogans we got so far...

Hudson Valley Campaign Slogans

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