Graduation is that special day every student looks forward to where all of your long hours of studying and homework end and you get to celebrate the accomplishment with your friends and family.

I remember just minutes after my ceremony everyone starting asking the question that terrifies recent graduates the most, "So, what are you going to do now?" I remember thinking can I have just 5 minutes to enjoy my party?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things in our world including graduations and finding job.

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Many graduates have not only had their ceremonies taken away, but are now left with an even more uncertain feeling of what is next. Many places aren't hiring and the workforce looks completely different compared to just a few months ago.

My mom works at a college and she has helped with the Career Counseling Department, so I asked here for some tips to give to recent graduates who are finished and are trying to find out what's next.

Here's what she had to say:

  1. Always keep an updated resume ready to send in.
  2. Network, Network, Network. Even if someone or someplace isn't hiring, keep in touch so when that time comes they are farmilar with who you are.
  3. Keep in-touch with your school's Career Counseling Department. They have strong relationships with businesses or corporations in the community and many students forget all about the alumni services their school offers when they graduate.
  4. Keeping your resume filled. Many students won't take a job thats not in their field, but if your having a hard time finding something, this isn't a bad idea. The worst is having gaps in your resume and even if it's something that is temporary a job leads to another job.

Remember no matter what, this is an exciting time in your life and a huge accomplishment that you achieved. Make sure your celebrate it safely and remember things will get better soon.

Congrats to all the Class of 2020 Graduates, you made it!


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