Well, this is one way to round out 2020.

At the beginning of the year we hardly saw any snow, there might have been one major snow storm that only left us with a few inches of the cold stuff. It's only fitting that the last snow storm of the year is giving us almost over a foot of snow.

Earlier this wee we spoke to Spectrum News Meteorologist Ryan Finn and he basically told us to be prepared for 18 inches of snow thanks to (Weather Channel named) Winter Storm Gail.

I checked in with Ryan Finn earlier this morning and he shared that an area around Schenectady, New York is tracking to get over 30 inches of snow! How insane is that?!

I took our handy-dandy Sam Hunt ruler outside of The Wolf studio in Poughkeepsie and we're at about 11 inches. Again, this was taken around 7 am.


Hudson Valley Weather is reporting that the snow will continue until 1 PM this afternoon and the heaviest snow will last until around 9 am.

There is currently a Winter Storm Warning in effect until 1pm and several counties around the Hudson Valley were under a State Of Emergency due to the severity of the snow.

So we want to know, how much snow did you get in your neck of the woods? You can text us through The Wolf Mobile App or give us a call at 454-9770.

Stay safe and stay at home if you can. If you're out there plowing, thank you! Hopefully you're warm and will be wrapping things up soon.

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