With all of the negativity going on with social media, I think it's time for some fun debate.

People.com recently did a story on how many Chugga's before the Choo Choo.

I decided to go around our building here at the  Wolf and ask 10 people what they say.  Here are the results:

  • On Air talent from our sister station WPDH was split.  One said 2 and one said 3
  • Office people were more on the same page.  Three women said 2 chugga's, One said 6 and another said 4.
  • Production guy said 4 as well.
  • I say 2.

Just for the record, it's 2.  You say, Chugga chugga choo choo!   BUT, those that said more had very valid points as to why it's more.  It's not but they had good points.

I like how this shouldn't be a debate but it has become a fun one and makes people laugh when you ask them and then they try and figure out how many and start talking to each other.

Try it.  It's a great, fun, water cooler game, topic.

We need more fun in life.

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