I came to the Hudson Valley from Northeast PA about 9 months ago to be a part of 943/973 The Wolf.

I thought it was really pretty in the winter and this is actually going to be my first Fall and I'm really excited about that but I've come to realize that I'm becoming a New Yorker.

I was in the Poconos over the weekend having dinner and bumped into someone that was talking about how close it is to the city but that they didn't know about making the drive just for the view.

I couldn't help but get involved, and mentioned the beautiful Hudson Valley and it's closeness to the city and beautiful scenery, etc.

I was later told by my wife that I was talking up New York and the Hudson Valley like I had lived there my whole life.  I guess it's just that welcoming.

Whatever the case, I guess I'm now a New Yorker.  Know what I'm sayin'

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