Hudson Valley officials rushed to a local home after someone get trapped inside a washing machine!

I was off last week, but while away, a friend sent me a very bizarre story that I felt I should share with our readers at Hudson Valley Post.

Person Gets Stuck In Washing Machine In Orange County, New York

Emergency Sign
Adam Calaitzis

A person somehow got stuck inside a washing machine inside a home in Orange County. Yes, you read that right.

"Montgomery Fire | Person Stuck in a Washing Machine | Pleasant Ave," Orange County NY Fire Calls stated on Facebook.

This happened on Saturday, Dec. 10 just after 4 p.m. at a home on Pleasant Avenue in Montgomery, New York.


Person Rescued From Washing Machine In Montogmery, New York

Responding units discovered the person wasn't entrapped, but simply couldn't get out of the washing machine.

"Units responding, 911 advising no entanglement or entrapment, just can't get out of the machine," Orange County NY Fire Calls wrote in the comment section of its post.

The patient was successfully removed from the washing machine. EMS was requested for an evaluation, but no injuries were reported.

By 4:30 p.m. everything was said to be "under control" with firefighters returning back to the fire department.

How Did A Person Get Stuck Inside A Washing Machine?

Repairman is repairing a washing machine on the white background

The name, age, or gender of the person who got stuck in the washing machine wasn't released.

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It's also unclear why this person decided to enter the washing machine. Some ideas, maybe it was a dare? Or, maybe the person was just curious if he or she could fit in. Or maybe this person thought they figured out an epic spot while playing hide-and-seek.

If that's the case, this hiding spot was just a little too good.

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