I have to be honest right now. I'm a little upset.

You know that most of my co-workers and I are foodies. We may not have the culinary skills, but we are constantly discussing and looking for new destinations to test our taste buds. Every once in a while, I'll take a listener suggestion and go on what I like to call a Hudson Valley adventure. I've never been wronged by our listeners until now.

Every few weeks I'll take a gander at the Hudson Valley tags on social media. Today, I came across a tag on an instagram photo. The picture belonged to an account "funwithfries." The name alone had me hooked, but the picture they posted sent me over the edge. They tagged their location as Rhinebeck Bagels and I sat here asking myself why has no one ever called in and shared this with us.

Tator Tot Bacon Cheeseburger? How come I don't know about Rhinebeck Bagels? My next move, follow Rhinbeck Bagels on every form of social media there is. Check.

Seriously, I'm so upset I've lived in the Hudson Valley for almost all of my life and I have never been or heard of Rhinebeck Bagels. They're located at 31 West Market Street in, obviously, Rhinebeck.

You all know what I'm doing this weekend right?


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