Tell us and you could win a little something to smile about.

There is always something special about Friday mornings, the excitement of the weekend is like an aphrodisiac, right? Most weeks it'll usually put a smile on most peoples faces, I say most weeks because this Friday I'm having a hard time in the smile department and the only way to change it is for you to call us! 845-454-9770

Every Friday morning we do something called "Feel Good Friday" and all we ask is that you share whatever is making you feel good with us, so we can share with everyone else in the Hudson Valley. Isn't there a saying that other peoples good vibes are contagious? Something like that...LOL!

If you have any plans this weekend, we want to hear about them. Jess let us know that she is venturing up to Lake George with the family to do a little cabin camping for the first time in a while. I can't wait to hear about how wrong things go on Monday morning...LOL! How much you wanna bet she has a run in with Bigfoot?

We got a ton of calls FINALLY from folks just like you doing all kinds of stuff this weekend including Samantha who let us know about a ghost hunt shes going on in New Jersey with her son. Amy checked in to let us know that shes celebrating her guys 39th birthday this weekend. Jeanine checked in to tell us to lookout for her on the road as shes got a new bike, and plans to ride it all over the Hudson Valley this weekend. BE SAFE!

Every "Feel Good" we get goes in the running to win a really cool Alfred Hitchcock movie prize pack!

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