Here's the thing...I didn't actually watch the VMA's this year. There wasn't anything to entice me to watch like the NSYNC reunion last year. However, I did watch the Beyoncé performance as soon as I woke up this morning. That was great. Other than that, nothing really caught my interest.

Of course I saw the trending topics on Twitter and Facebook mentioning Taylor Swift, so I had to check it out.It's one of those moments where I said to myself "What in the world is going on?" And that moment was when I saw Taylor Swifts Red Carpet look and then watched her performance. I like Taylor, I really do, but she sold out of Country music a long time ago. So the whole pop album coming out is no surprise to me and I don't hold it against her.

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

'Shake It Off' is super catchy, it's a great pop song, and I actually really enjoy it. The performance was strange and I always get uncomfortable when T.Swift starts dancing. It just seemed that it was trying to be over the top, but didn't quite get there.  So, it came across as mediocre, when most of us expect these mind blowing performances from Taylor. I got a laugh out of the break during her performance about "not jumping, just because it was the VMA's."  Did you catch the VMA's last night or Taylors performance? What did you think?

Just my personal opinion, but I miss Country-Taylor.

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