You don't expect to wake up one morning and look outside to find a horse stuck in your backyard pool.

That was exactly what happened though, as rescuers were called to a home Sunday morning after reports of a horse who accidentally got herself trapped in the pool. It was a team effort between agencies to free the 3-year-old horse, however, they were luckily able to lead the horse safely up through the shallow end of the pool to freedom.

The New York Post says the horse got stuck in the backyard pool at her owners' house and was entangled in the pool cover. Suffolk County Police said on their Facebook page, that Fifth Precinct police officers, Emergency Service Section officers, and members of the Bohemia Fire Department assisted in rescuing the horse. The horse was not injured.

Once the horse was rescued, officials even posed for a picture:

Suffolk County Police Dept. Facebook
Suffolk County Police Dept. Facebook

Vehicles in Pools?

It's not just animals getting stuck in your backyard pool you have to be aware of. What about a full-sized SUV? NBC says it actually happened back in late 2019, when an SUV somehow ran off-road, went through the woods, and crashed through a couple of fences in Port Washington. The journey did not end there. NBC says the SUV then went airborne and took a plunge in a neighbor's 10-foot deep swimming pool. The SUV hit the water with such an impact that it even caused a "tsunami" of sorts, as NBC says a large pool wave hit against the nearby house.

One resident in the house told her nephew, who then told WCBS 880, that the whole house shook during the crash. The SUV lay half-submerged in the water, though CBS says it luckily landed in the shallow end. NBC says that two men were inside the SUV and were taken to the hospital. Both were treated with non-life-threatening injuries.

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