When I first saw this picture I never would have guessed it was taken in New York. I thought this photo might been taken in Transylvania. The only thing missing in this photo are bats flying towards the moonlight.

As someone who has a healthy fascination with scary movies and ghost stories I had to investigate further after I saw this perfectly timed photo taken by accomplished New York photographer, Veronica Yacono.

This ominous picture looks like it could be the home of a Universal movie monster like Dracula, Wolfman or even Frankenstein's creation. Thankfully, the only thing that's ALIVE in this building is the spirit. No, not spirits and if you hear organ music playing from this building don'r panic. It's not a hooded phantom.

The building featured in the photo is the Riverside Baptist Church. According to their website, Riverside Church was built in October of 1930 and was modeled after a massive 13th century cathedral from France. It can reportedly hold almost 2,000 congregants. Since the church has opened its doors to the masses it has welcomed very important and influential political and religious figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

It may look haunting at night but it's anything but scary. It's quite beautiful.

The stunning architecture on this Baptist church is something to admire no matter what faith you practice.

You check out the astonishing New York City landmark in person at 490 Riverside Dr.

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