New Yorkers are told to expect to deal with more "unhealthy" air.

An Air Quality Health Advisory remains for all of New York State except the Adirondacks

Unhealthy Air For Hudson Valley, NYC Metro, Long Island, Eastern Lake Ontario, Central Western New York


The air quality is forecasted to reach 'Unhealthy' AQI levels in the Hudson Valley, NYC Metro, Long Island, Eastern Lake Ontario, and Central & Western New York, according to the DEC.

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The advisory remains in place due to smoke from wildfires in Canada that continues to blanket New York State.

Wear An N95 Mask If You Go Outside In New York


The New York State Department of Health says residents should limit their outdoor activities and avoid any long-term exposure to smoke.

If you do go outside, health officials say you should wear an N95 mask to protect yourself from particulates and chemicals.

All of the bad air is coming from smoke from hundreds of forest fires in Canada that have burned over nine-million acres so far.

Air Quality May "Worsen" In New York State


Weather experts say the air quality in Canada and elsewhere like New York is "likely to worsen" on Thursday, before getting better over the weekend, according to the New York Times via Newsbreak.

At one point on Wednesday, the Air Quality Index in the New York City region reached nearly 400 which is considered "hazardous" by AirNow.

The Air Quality Index was over 200 for most of the rest of New York State on Wednesday, which is considered "very unhealthy"

The DEC believes the air will be "unhealthy" for most of New York State on Thursday but won't reach the hazardous levels, as it did on Wednesday.


‘Emergency Alert’ Issued Over ‘Hazmat Situation’ In Hudson River In Upstate New York

As of this writing, the Air Quality Index in the Hudson Valley is just below 200, which is considered "unhealthy." The Air Quality Index in the Hudson Valley is expected to drop to around 140 which is considered "unhealthy for sensitive groups."

The Air Quality Index in the Hudson Valley reached "very unhealthy" levels Wednesday afternoon, according to AirNow.Gov.

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