What is the most disgusting hotel you’ve ever stayed in?  We might have found our winner this weekend as we stayed overnight in Pennsylvania.

We’ve all found ourselves in a bad hotel once or twice in our lives, right?  Maybe it’s late and you just need to get some shut-eye so you just take the next place you find?  Or, you choose one ahead of time and take it because it’s a great deal, only to find out that the reason it’s such a great deal is that you’re afraid to walk on the floor without feeling like you’ll stick to it.

We ended up staying in one over the weekend not far from Buffalo that shocked us.

It was shocking because we had stayed there before.  It is still relatively new and it used to be beautiful.  It has gone downhill (A LOT) in a very little amount of time.

The second we walked in the room, it smelled horribly musty.  There was mold on the ceiling in the bathroom and paint was peeling.  The lights were all rusty.  The pool was green.  It was bad.

Now, I don't want this to sound like I'm complaining.  We spoke with them at the front desk and they were just as shocked as we were.  I’m also not trying to throw them under the bus in any way so I’m not going to say where it was or what chain it is.  But it’s important to know that this wasn’t just a mom-and-pop type of hotel.  This is a major chain that you find all across the country.  We were just shocked.

Yes…we brought it to their attention.

Yes…we were kind about it.  Everyone is short-staffed these days.

But no…we will not stay there again.

I just don’t understand how it could go unnoticed by management that this room (and some other parts of the hotel) had gotten so bad and still continually be rented out.  Then it made me wonder, is this not as bad as I think it is?  Are people staying in worse rooms than this?

Is This The Grossest Hotel Room Ever?


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