It's Monday's and I don't want to be cliche, but they're the worst.

I'm coming off of a super busy wedding weekend and still trying to recover. Part of my morning routine this morning was stopping at a Stewart's Shop to get coffee and water (because I drank every bottle in my apartment on Sunday trying to cure my hangover).

It was early, I pulled in the parking lot at around 5:06am. As I was pulling in I noticed a person standing in the middle of the lot and staring directly at me. I had to find my wallet and phone before I got out of the car and as I turn around the person, who I now could identified as a woman, is at my window asking me to roll it down.

She proceeds to ask me if I was going in the Wappingers direction. She said that her phone wasn't working, she wasn't able to connect with Uber and she's going to be late for work. As she walked away and I went into Stewart's she continued by saying she would give me money for gas.

I truly felt bad for her, but I also wasn't going in that direction and would be late to my own job if I said yes. Also, I'm not too crazy about letting a stranger in my car at that hour.

Like I said, I felt really bad, but we're living in some CRAZY times right now and you just never know.

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Did I make the right move?

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