A grocery store chain which at one time, had many Hudson Valley locations, will be closing down its final supermarket by the end of the month. Grand Union will shutter its Millerton location on Route 44 on Feb. 25.

The company was originally founded in Scranton, PA in the late 1800s. The chain owned and operated stores mainly in the northeast, but also had locations in the Midwest and Southeast. They also ran international stores in Canada and the Caribbean. In 2001, the company went bankrupt and the remains were sold to C&S Wholesale Grocers.

Local residents took to the Hudson Valley Facebook page to share memories.

  • 'I remember the one in Kingston -in Kingston Plaza -- it was so large they had "roller skaters" who cruised the store getting items that shoppers forgot until they got to checkout. The also had home delivery -- first store outside of NYC that I knew had that service.'
  • 'I was fortunate to have spent 20 years working for Grand Union. I met my husband there and we have had a grand union for over 25 years!'
  • 'Oh how sad!!! The last of the company!! I worked for Grand Union for 30 years & loved it!! Went from part time cashier to District Secretary!! We were truly a family & shared so much & made such wonderful friends for life! Had some damn good times!!!!'
  • 'Main St Poughkeepsie - I used to wrongly call in The Grand Onion when I was little.'
  • 'Having grown up in New Paltz, I remember Grand Union well!'

There is currently a petition going around to turn the existing store into a Hannaford.

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