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As we get closer to the holidays, it becomes a big party time. During the holiday season there is always some kind of event going on. It can be a family party, something with friends, or a work holiday celebration.

When I was kid, my Dad's side of the family had a HUGE holiday party. So nobody went broke trying to get gifts for everyone, we would all buy something and do a family grab bag. Everyone was able to walk away with something at the end of the night.

Here at the station we do a really fun celebration it's our version of "Secret Santa." It's a great way for everything to get together and we have a lot of laughs with some of the presents people receive.

In case you have a work or family party coming up, here are some ideas if you're stuck:

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Cocktail Shaker Bar Set:

3 in 1 Charging Station:

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop a comment below.



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