It's the F-word no one wants to hear in a relationship in 2021: Fauci.

Yes, for some reason or another, Doctor Anthony Fauci chief medical advisor to President Biden, is now sneaking his way into your failed relationships in 2021. Last week, Babble and Fox News shared a list of new 7 dating terms thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ghosting? Please, that's old news. New dating terms like "CORONA-Zoned," Zumping" and "Lockblocked" are just a few of the new terms that you should familiarize yourself with if you're struggling to date during a pandemic.

You can add another term to that list: Fauci'd or  Fauci-ing. According to Mashable,  the term Fauci'd or Fauci'ing was created by the dating website Plenty of Fish.

The term "Fauci'd" should be used when a person stops seeing someone because they aren't taking COVID-19 precautions, like social distancing and wearing a mask, seriously.

If your new boyfriend or girlfriend isn't wearing a mask out in public and this makes you upset enough to break it off with them, you've Fauci'd them.

Dr. Fauci is familiar with the term, but only because a reporter told him about it. Mashable explains that Margaret Talev, editor at Axios on HBO, asked the famed doctor about the term. Apparently, Dr. Fauci got a good laugh out of it and exclaimed with a laugh "I'm gonna Fauci you!"

If you're trying to date during the pandemic, good luck. However, there is a shimmering light of hope for singles in the Hudson Valley. When it comes to dating in 2021, New York lands at #5 best states for singles.


7 New COVID Dating Terms

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