Well this is most certainly not something you see every day.

When we post about animal sightings here in the Hudson Valley we're usually met with a ton of comments about how "so-and-so animal is actually common in New York." I think this time around we can all agree, that an elephant walking freely is not a common sight in New York.

That's exactly what was seen in Orange County on Sunday night, November 10th.

Yes, an elephant was seen wandering around Westtown in Orange County. The New York State Police shared a photo of the 44 year old elephant who's escaped, due to her electric fence not being closed properly at the animal sanctuary where she lives.

The elephant named Fritha was first spotted enjoying some fresh hay around midnight near William Laine Road.

Fritha was rescued years ago from Vietnam.

Thankfully, officers at the scene were able to get in touch with an employee of the animal sanctuary who was able to guide Fritha back to her pen. New York State Police trooper Sgt. Dave Scott tells ABC 7NY, that he's happy he was able to get in contact with an employee, because he really didn't have a back up plan.



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