In honor of National Poultry Day we are going to spin-off two country songs that mention Fried Chicken. Of course the number one hit "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band is a no-brainer for this battle of the birds, but the challenger may not be so obvious. Lee Brice offers a song that not only mentions "fried chicken" but it also mentions "drive thru chicken" as well. Lee's first song to go number in April of 2012 is the perfect opponent.

Although the Zac Brown's song has "chicken" in the title, the Lee Brice song may get the sentimental vote. You may have missed the fried chicken reference in Lee's tune. In the first verse of "Woman Like You" he mentions eating more "drive thru chicken" but at the end he references that by changing the lyric to makes "the best fried chicken".

Lee Brice - Woman Like You

Zac Brown Bands - Chicken Fried

Please accept our apology if this spin-off has made you hungry and no one is making you any fried chicken anytime soon. Hopefully you can find a Popeyes, KFC or Chick-fil-a on your way home.

Each week night we put two songs up for your vote. One of these songs will be the one you hear on your car radio, smart speaker or smart phone with the Wolf Mobile App as you head out of work and towards after work fun. If you have a song you want us to put up for the spin-off let us know in the comments below.

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