A man recently went missing up at Hunter Mountain.

The Department of Environmental Conservation released information about a man who didn't return after going for a ride on his utility vehicle.

According to the press release, on the morning of May 12 the Hunter Police department asked the Forest Rangers to assist them in looking for a 73-year-old Haines Falls man.

The man had gone for a ride on his UTV the evening before and didn't return.

After the police and rangers teamed up they came across the abandoned UTV. Shortly after finding the vehicle they found the 73-year-old man immobile.

K9s, eight rangers, police officers and firefighters were all on hand to help locate the man who was later taken to a local hospital for "injuries related to exposure."

Earlier this week, forest rangers also were on the search for a missing teacher from Queens who was last seen on May 5. Rangers found his vehicle at the trailhead at Woodland Valley.

The man was later found. He did not respond to rescue breathing and died at the scene.

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