Is there something that's making you feel good today?

Every Friday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we attempt to send you into the weekend with a big fat smile on your face with something we call "Feel Good Friday." We come from the school of thought that nothing will make us smile like hearing about the things that are making YOU smile, especially on a Friday with everything going on in the world.

So...welcome to a "Feel Good Friday", to take part all you need to do is, quickly think about that one thing that you're looking forward to in the next few days and weeks and share with us and the entire Hudson Valley.

You can call or text us through the Wolf mobile app like one of our favorites did, Cleat Bee checked in to tell us that, "My feel good?! Heck yes! I sold the licensing rights to my croc video on tiktok! Super excited!" If you would like to follow Cleat on Tic Tok, his screen name is...CaptainCleatBee.

We also had a lovely lady call in to share with us that she is having her baby shower on Sunday and is expecting a baby girl in less than a month. GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS!!!

My "feel good" isn't so much a "feel good", I should call it my "nervous feel good" as tomorrow (Saturday) I'm heading to out on a pontoon, raft type of thing to cruise on the Delaware and honest am a bit nervous because we've never done it before but am excited to try it out..LOL. Thanks to Ken from Wallkill who has done it before and told me to make sure we bring a ton of sunscreen! Thanks for the tip!

Wanna share your feel good? Call or text us NOW through the Wolf app.

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