With warm summer nights in front of us it is time to make family movie night an outdoor activity. The technology they have today to show a movie outdoors is so cool. My grandfather use to throw the old projector up against the garage wall but now you don't even need the wall. There are blow up screens and even flat screens on a stand. We have come a long way from the bed sheet thrown over the clothes line. (Yes, my family did that too.)

So once the screen is up and the popcorn is popped what movie works best in a dark backyard? Outdoor Movie HQ has some ideas but I have a few of my own.

The Fog the 2005 version

And of course the campy original

There is nothing like sitting outdoors watching a horror film about something outdoors. Of course I would also want to see Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Purple Rain, St Elmo's Fire and the list goes on. There just aren't enough summer nights.

If backyard theater construction isn't in the budget this summer you can still catch some outdoor movies in communities around the Hudson Valley. Click the links below to see whats showing this summer.


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