A former Hudson Valley resident who killed his father is out of prison after 18 months. His family still living in the area say they now fear for their lives.

In November 2017, Christopher Yobak fatally shot his 62-year-old father, Charles Yobak, multiple times in a home they shared in Myrtle Beach. According to the mother of Yobak’s child, Jennifer Breault of Poughkeepsie, Yobak is from LaGrange and attended Arlington High School.

Yobak’s current Facebook page confirms he went to Arlington High School and currently lives in Myrtle Beach, S.C. An older Facebook page, provided to Hudson Valley Post by Breault, shows that Yobak lived in Poughkeepsie and has ties to Mahopac.

According to Breault, her 4-year-old daughter was sleeping in another room when Yobak fatally shot his father, her child’s grandfather.

Last week, Yobak pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. A judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison but then suspended the sentence at 18 months, ABC 15 reports.

Yobak said he killed his father to protect his mother. The judge ruled there wasn't malice in Yobak's attack. He was released from prison for time served on Friday.

"You want to commit murder? Come to Horry County," Nick Yobak, Christoper's brother, told Myrtle Beach Online.

Nick lives in the Hudson Valley. His wife claimed to Hudson Valley Post that prior to the fatal shooting of Charles Yobak, Christopher tried to murder Nick.

"A week before he murdered his father he tried to hire someone from Poughkeepsie to go after my husband," Nick's wife, Beth Edgeworth told Hudson Valley Post. "He physically tried to attack my children and verbally threatened to kill them a few months before he murdered his father."

Christopher Yobak's attorney, Kenneth Blaine Massey, denies Edgeworth's allegations.

"I think she overplayed her hand, without anything to back it up. It's clearly overplayed and justice has been served," Massey said to Hudson Valley Post over the phone.

Police in Dutchess County weren't able to confirm if any police reports were ever filed related to Edgeworth's allegations.

The family plans to move from the Hudson Valley in hopes of hiding from Christopher. Permanent restraining orders were granted for the family against Christopher.

"We hope he breaks probation, that's all we can hope for," Edgeworth said.

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