First off, kudos to all parents who are managing having their children home at this time.

One thing I know about kids is they are always getting into something and the washer and dryer is always going.

We are all trying to best we can during this time and trying to go to the store as little as possible.

It can be a little difficult to get supplies right now and when you go into the store you're probably just trying to run in and out.

My grandmother was a hairdresser, and I swear my whole life she always had these great tips for getting stains out of clothes.

She always had to think quick because the last thing she wanted was a client being upset because she spilled hair coloring on them.

If you're having a hard time leaving home, just check your house because there is a good chance you have some of these products lying around.

Hair Spray

This is the one I doubted the most, but I have tried it out before and it works great. There was this one time I borrowed a dress from my aunt without asking and got paint all over it. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing was getting it out. I grabbed the hair spray and left it on the dress for aboyt 10 mins. With warm water and LOTS of scrubbing I was able to get it out. Sorry Kelly!



It cleans your hair, so it makes sense. My grandma would always use shampoo and warm water to get stains out of her clothes at the salon. Bonus: you’ll smell great too.


Make-Up Wipes

If you have these laying around, grab a few and they can work great to help reduce a stain. Even if it doesn't get it completely out, it will reduce the damage for the washing machine.


Dishwashing Soap

I've had to use this when I forgot to run the grocery store. A little bit of dishwashing soap with warm water can help get a stain out pretty well.


If you know any more tips, feel free to drop a comment below.


Thank you Gram!

See I do listen to everything you say.


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