September 15 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Additional Information

We're at it again!

**Please use google maps or check google maps for the address!**

**If using Apple maps use this address 1 William Floyd Pkwy Shirley, NY**

This time, we take over Long Island!

Pricing will be $20 per car $10 per passenger.

-VIP will be limited to *100* vehicles. You hear us? That means, cars, trucks, SUVS... its all allowed! That means your EVO is going up against his Silverado etc... Thats how its going down.

We will have multiple categories and trophies for the vehicles that we will categorize and figure out as the VIP selections happen and we assign them, but for now VIP is open.

To submit for VIP - Please visit

We will be judging all vehicles based solely based on modifications and cleanliness of build/paintwork. We will be using a straight checklist. IF it doesn't meet criteria on the checklist or is lacking then that is why the check list is in place. It makes it a fair and level playing ground. No favoritism, no special treatment. Your dip/autoflex/paintjob is jacked...deduct. etc and so forth.

***More to be added as we get it booked, but for now we've finally hashed out the VIP portion and are booking vendors and working out the media coverage right this moment!

Welcome to the Smith Point Beach - Beach Bash!

We promised you a beach bash do over so here it is, but at the actual shore!

This will be like all of our shows and include
- Vendors
- FFC Models
- Events (Tug of war on the beach, frisbee, as we should have had at the original event)
- DJ
- Food Vendors

We will be adding everything and announcing everything as we finalize it all, but as of now we just wanted to get the logistics of this out there for everyone.

- Vendors send inquiries to

Here's the info:

- We will be parked at the parking lot above the beach for the show, but have beach access for anyone wishing to go to the beach.
- We will have food vendors on site - If you remember Warwick, we will have some of the best around coming out for this
- We will have some insane event coverage - so make sure your cars are ready, cause we can only imagine how these videos are going to look.
- We're working with the venue still to work something out for the top 10 maybe 20 trophy winners for an exclusive photo shoot!
- We're still figuring out more content, as you know, we try to not dissapoint.

So as of now share it up, this is a 100% go!! Lets get it out there and get those cars ready! This is going to be sick, the place is capable of holding upward of 2500 cars and we're invading LI!