Earth Day is drawing closer and closer. Is this the perfect time for a dude to get behind a cause and try and get the attention of a woman?

When I think of a guy who cares about the environment I think of that stereotypical hippie dude with long greasy, sandals and a hackie sack.  Thankfully, there are plenty of guys out there that can contradict that cliche'.

The state of our planets health has become an increasingly popular issue among our youth. Is this quality becoming attractive feature for young guys looking for a woman online? According to data collected by the dating app, Zoosk, women do find men who are conscious about the environment to be much more attractive.

Data also found that women are attracted to guys who recycle, eat less meat and even use less water by drinking less bottled water and take shorter showers.

Some keywords that are likely to catch a woman's attention online are words like: organic, reuse, farmers market and environment.

The data showed that these statistics are most true for east coast states than any other region.

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