Is there someone in your life that celebrating a big milestone? Dutchess County Office for the aging wants to help them celebrate.

We know big parties are frowned upon right now due to the state of the world, however, you can still celebrate one another. For the younger kids, a bunch of Hudson Valley police departments and fire departments are doing drive-by birthdays with their sirens and lights on. Now one local organization is coming together to celebrate the seniors in our life.

Dutchess County Office for the Aging wants to "honor seniors who have reached these outstanding milestones in the upcoming summer issue of the OFA’s quarterly newsletter, "Spotlight on Seniors."

If you know anyone in Dutchess County who will be celebrating a 100th Birthday (or older) or celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary Dutchess County wants to celebrate them.

Share their stories with OFA Outreach Coordinator Brian Jones at or call him at (845) 486-2544.

May 29th is the deadline to share your celebration stories and they ask that you send any information that would be entertaining and urge you to include pictures.

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