Experiencing a home fire is something I hope none of us have to go through personally. All types of things can happen that could cause a home fire. The real question is do you know how to react if there is one?

This past Friday (March 4, 2022) my local fire department had to respond to a home house fire. Through a press release that was posted on Facebook on Saturday, the Esopus Fire Department explained how they came to the aid of a local resident who had reported chimney fire.

Town of Esopus Fire Department Dispatched Friday

Around 10 AM on Friday, March 4th, 2022 the Esopus Fire Department was dispatched to a chimney fire on Valli Road in Esopus. Along with the Esopus team the Highland Fire Department was sent as well. According to the release, there were units on the scene of the fire within 4 minutes of the call.

The severity of the fire and the position of the chimney resulted in the assisting departments asking for help from the New Paltz Fire Department  Fortunately the fire was contained fast leading to the residents of the home not being displaced and they could also report no injuries.

When they issued the release to explain the Friday fire call to the public the Esopus Fire Department also took the time to share a very important piece of information that is important to all of u during a fire. It is the term Race or R.A.C.E. Make sure if you are experiencing a fire you keep this in mind.

We would like to remind everyone that fire can double in size every 30 seconds. If there is a fire, don’t delay, CALL 911 immediately. Also, remember the following acronym:
R – Rescue
A – Alarm (Call 911)
C – Confine (Close the door)
E - Evacuate
(Esopus Fire Department via Facebook)
Remembering "RACE" during a time of fire could save lives and result in less damage from the fire to your home.


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