You are running late, you leave the house, and then you realize the fog is so thick that you might think Stephen King is filming a movie around you. Not likely? Well, as you head out, do you put your fog lights on? Or do you even forget that you have them? Granted not all cars have them, but when should you use them?

If it is raining, snowing, or really foggy, should you just put the fog lights on or use your regular lights? As a law in New York State, if your windshield wipers are on, then your car's headlights need to be on. While Daytime running lights are great to have to make sure you are seen, they are not considered headlights for driving at night or in the rain.

As for fog lights, they are legal to use in New York. If you have a rear fog light, it will be on the back of your car and it will be red in color when illuminated. That rear light will help you be seen, but it is the front fog lights that will help you see.

Use your fog lights when it is foggy (obviously) and never in conjunction with your high beams. High beams can actually reflect light back on rain, snow, and fog, making it harder for you to see. So make sure you use the correct lighting for the situation.

While fog lights make it easier to see? They are most helpful to light the roadway, so you can see where the road pavement markers. Since, visibility is an issue with fog, rain, and snow, remember to slow down and drive at the speed for the conditions, not for Nascar.

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