One Hudson Valley driver either decided to park on top of the sign, or slippery conditions were to blame for the crushed signage out front of Poughkeepsie's Crooked Rooster restaurant Friday.

The weather called for some flurries on the ride home, but what we got exceeded expectations. Things got very slick right around the time everyone was getting out of work. But this accident didn't involve someone who just punched out. According to a post on the Crooked Rooster Facebook page:

(It was a) Brand new infinity. Driving home from the dealership and lost control of the car. Thank God they missed the front of the building. On a side note stay tuned for our new sign.

The driver was attempting to turn into the parking lot but now will be dealing with insurance for the next few months. We feel terrible for the driver of the car who got to experience the elation of getting some new wheels only to park on top of a sign on the side of Route 55 on the way home. Airbags deployed but thankfully there were no major injuries.

Have you ever crashed a brand new car on the way home from the dealership?

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