Everything that was old is new again.  Or at least that's what it feels like with all of the reboots of movies and tv shows and the retro coke, and Pepsi packaging and now, Dreamsicle.  Yes, as in orange vanilla.  I'm not talking about the soda that Coca-Cola has been pushing, I'm talking the ice cream that we remember as kids.

Dairy Queen has introduced the Dreamsicle-Dipped cone.  It's not yet available in all DQ's but will be available this spring.  Hyde Park has it and from what I've heard, the rest of the Hudson Valley will have it by April 1st.

I still love the popsicle.  I like to eat the orange part first and then the vanilla because I think the vanilla is like no other vanilla flavor.  Either that or it's the non-tart taste of the vanilla that makes it seem different because of the orange.

As if Ice Cream isn't good enough, now I can enjoy the finer things in life AND feel like a kid at the same time!


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