Fortunately in the modern gift giving world we have moved beyond the stigma of the gift card. I personally always thought it was awesome. Money in the envelope was always nice but the Gift Card seemed more "gifty'. There was a time when people who gave gift cards were thought of as bad gift buyers or last minute Louies. Lucky those beliefs have gone to the way side and the gift card has become a welcome holiday present.

Almost every retailer, restaurant and other business now a days offers a gift card. If you stop into your favorite grocery store you will find a wall of cards waiting for you to do all your holiday shopping in one place. No matter how long or short your list you could literally do all you shopping while picking up snacks for the Christmas party. This is just efficient.

And it is not just the gift buyer who benefits from a gift card shopping spree. The recipients of those cards will be happy they get to choose their gift. Let's face it there are people on our list we know just what to get and then there are the others who we just can't shop for correctly. Gift cards could be an answer for both but definitely the latter.

Happy Holiday Shopping


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