I always thought that this made me a bad New Yorker.

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Listen, I love living in New York. I'm the proudest New York sports fan, risking my pride and life by declaring my love for the New York Yankees in the middle of Yawkey Way outside of Fenway Park in Boston. I bleed blue as they say.

There is one thing I really don't like about New York, though. I hate Times Square.

Thinking about Manhattan in general just gives me an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. There's so many people, it's expensive, and to be frank, it smells like hot, steaming garbage all the time. I'd take a day out in the fresh air of the Hudson Valley any day.

But does hating Manhattan/Times Square make me a terrible New Yorker? Apparently not. Buzzfeed recently released an article about a dating app called Hater that matches you with people who hate the same thing as you. According to Hater, New Yorkers hate Time Square the most.

Hallelujah! I'm normal, kind of, and I'm also downloading this Hater app ASAP.


Do you hate Times Square as much as the next New Yorker?

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