Did someone hear a quaking sound? Crews in the lower Hudson Valley worked together this week to free a group of ducklings that had gotten trapped in a storm basin.

Sources say the animals had somehow gotten separated from their mother and later found themselves trapped in the drain below ground. With the amount of rain we've received, and all the water flowing on the streets, it is very easy to see how a group of small birds can get pulled into a nearby drain.

So, what is a group of ducks referred to as? According to Crow Wing, a group of ducks can be called a raft of ducks, a team of ducks, or a paddling.

Baby Ducks Saved in Westchester County 

The City of Yonkers posted on their Facebook page that the ducklings fell into a catch basin on Scarsdale Road at Lindbergh Place. Neighbors said they heard the ducklings crying in distress from below ground and quickly alerted crews.

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Members of the Yonkers Department of Public Works soon arrived to help the ducklings out of their very unfortunate predicament. This involved removing the grate, climbing down the drain and scooping the youngsters out of trouble. Yonkers officials says the ducklings were soon reunited with their mother at a nearby brook.

Injured Owl Rehabilitated and Released in Upper Hudson Valley [PICS]

The New York State Department of Conservation posted on their Facebook page that the injured owl was found in December on the side of a rural Rensselaer County road. The DEC says that Wildlife Manager, Mike Clark was called about the hurt bird, who had a severe break to its left wing and a bloody eye.

Clark brought the owl to the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center in Hunter, where x-rays confirmed the break to the wing. The DEC says that for the next three months, rehabilitators from the organization worked with a veterinarian to pin the wing and give the owl some much-needed physical therapy,

The DEC says that the owl has fully recovered and was finally released back into the wild.

Hudson Valley Wildlife Gallery

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