There's a tower on I-84 that many people in the Hudson Valley believe holds a magical power.

As someone who has relatives in Connecticut, I've spent a considerable amount of time through the years traveling on I-84. Anyone who's ever driven between the Hudson Valley and Hartford knows just how mind-numbingly miserable that ride can be. Between endless construction and the inevitable traffic accident, the ride almost never runs smoothly.

But, many people who travel the route have noticed that there is one strange phenomenon that happens on almost every trip that can't really be explained. And it all starts as soon as you pass the "One Hour Tower."

A large cell tower sits on top of a hill right next to I-84 in Middlebury, Connecticut. The unassuming tower is something that you'd never give a second glance, but those who make note of it during their drive will be surprised and stunned by its strange powers.

A. Boris
A. Boris

As legend has it, anyone traveling to and from the Hudson Valley, lives exactly one hour away from this landmark. Named the "One Hour Tower" for its uncanny ability to predict your arrival time, the tower never seems to disappoint. Regardless of traffic backups, weather or construction delays, the tower always somehow knows when you are an hour away from your destination.

As you drive past the tower on your way home to the Hudson Valley make note of the time on your dashboard. It's almost certain that you'll be pulling into your driveway exactly one hour later.  I've lived in several different towns throughout the years, yet every time I've arrived home I've been amazed to see that it's been exactly one hour, to the minute, since passing the tower.

Don't believe me? There are others in the Hudson Valley who also find this tower's magical powers inexplicably accurate. I know of several people who live in different Hudson Valley towns that also frequently travel back and forth from Connecticut. They, too, have noticed that they almost always pass the tower exactly one hour after leaving their homes.

Try it for yourself. The next time you pass the "One Hour Tower" make sure to note the exact time. You may just freak out when you arrive home exactly one hour later.

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