If you say the wrong thing people around here people might just call you a Dum Dum.

Things sure are different in New York than where I grew up. We've got a slightly different dialect in the Midwest.

I no longer call Mountain Dew and Pepsi "pop" anymore but what the heck does this region call this candy?

It took me a few years to assimilate and not ask for a 'pop' anymore. When I moved to New York I quickly was corrected and put in my place. When you are in New York you are in soda country. Don't even try to argue. Don't even use the excuse that you're not from here. It won't help you.

We can move on from the soda debate. It's been settle but this one might be a little more controversial. What do you call hard candy on a stick?

Do you call them lollipops or do you call them suckers? I've heard both in the Hudson Valley. Which one is more appropriate?

I've always called them a sucker. Am I wrong yet again? What do you call them?

If you call them lollipops then you're actually right.

This debate actually has a pretty clear-cut answer. According to Sweet Services, they're called lollipops. They report in a blog that a lollipop by definition is a hard candy on a stick. Sucker is synonymous with lollipop because of the action but it's not what it is really called.

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