My daughter is only 11 months old and still doesn't really have friends her own age.  There are a few kids in the neighborhood that are about her age but with the whole Measals thing, we kept her kind of isolated for awhile.

She just got her first invitation for a birthday party and she can't go.  Not because we don't want to take her but because it's at 8pm.  On a Saturday night at Chuck E Cheese.

We can't take her because 8pm is her bedtime.  I would be ok with letting her stay up a little while but she gets cranky and really at 11 months, isn't really going to be into Chuck E. Cheeses enough to keep her up.

The parents though seem to feel like it's an excuse.  They get it but kind of are giving off the impression that they don't believe us and it's just an excuse.

Either way, do I have to buy a gift?  Can I still invite him to baby girls?

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