Cam and Diplo's cross-genre song "So Long" hits the country singer's sweet spot lyrically while providing space for an EDM star to creep into the format. The savvy new love song lives on the edges of modern country music, but not beyond.

"So Long" is a patient, emotional story of unrequited love that Cam effortlessly guides us through. Hearing her sing is like driving through a rolling green meadow painted with seasonal flora and morning sunshine. Every bump and dip is an easy thrill — a reminder to appreciate the nuances life offers.

Diplo (or Thomas Wesley, as he's calling himself for this side project) just needed to keep it from raining all over a darling lyric made more interesting from the lips of a female narrator.

"I know you’re fine doing life on your own / But that doesn’t mean you should spend it alone / Cause boy you’ve been flying solo for so long / But I think it’s time to give your heart, Your heart what it wants," Cam sings at the chorus. At times she's strong, vulnerable and sexy — subtlety is a skill few have honed quite like the "Burning House" singer.  

The arrangement of "So Long" is restrained, meaning the 40-year-old did his job. Diplo adds a beat and electrifies a fiddle, but recognizes the importance of purity. Nope, it's not your granddad's country music, and it's more progressive that even the biggest pop-country hit ever, Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha's "Meant to Be." But it's so much more lyrically satisfying than that song or any attempts prior. With that kind of depth, one might have more success arguing that it's not a pop song.

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