I don't know about what happens at your house, but in my house, my wife has a thing about turning on the heat before Halloween.

You may have heard the expressions "no heat till trick or treat", or "no heat till turkey meat." Well in my house, this is a doctrine my wife lives by, and tries her darndest to hold off turning on the heat for as long as possible.

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Now this also applies to the air conditioning in the early summer, but I digress. Today we're just talking about the heat and how it becomes a quest to see how long we can freeze our butts off in the house before she lets anyone near the thermostat.

Most times she does cave, but for some reason this year she's a woman on a mission, and keeps walking around the house muttering under her breath, "no heat till trick or treat." Well at least it sounds like that's what she's muttering.

So there have been a few cool nights where heat would have been appreciated, but it really wasn't to the point that it had to be put on. Then came Monday night, and the temperature was hovering somewhere in the upper 30s or low 40s outside and the house was beginning to feel a little like an ice box, but yet she didn't budge or even jokingly suggest that we should turn on the heat, even though the thermostat was registering 64 degrees. So I weighed my options and decided to take things into my own hands, the same hands that reached up and turned that thermostat up to 68 triggering the heat for the first time this season.

Now I've talked to a lot of friends, and granted everyone has their own tolerance for the cold. Some say they always keep their heat around 65, others like it a bit warmer around 72, but after walking into our bedroom on Monday night and seeing my own breath, I figured it was time.

If you couple that with the fact that we haven't put the flannel sheets on the bed yet, I knew that to avoid a case of frostbite it was the right thing to do. Besides, I told my wife that I did it for her, so she wouldn't be too cold, but I don't think she actually bought it.

Now my wife wasn't all that upset, she was more surprised that I was the one to cave this year, but she did say that I should dress warmer and lose the gym shorts, to which my reply was, "it's not my legs that are cold, my nose is actually getting numb, do I need to wear a ski mask?"

So we didn't make it till Halloween, and I don't know who waits till turkey meat, but I'm glad I don't live with those people, because then I'd be eating Thanksgiving Dinner in late September.

Here are some of the responses my wife got after asking people on Facebook if they turned on the heat, and what temp they keep their thermostat on.

  • I turned the heat on to 66 degrees in the bedrooms last night. I turned it off this AM and turned on the downstairs to 66 tonight.
  • Thermostat always on 68.......heat on
  • No heat yet here. Actually slept with the window open a few inches. Temps in the upper 40s here. Felt good
  • Since we had the new siding/better insulation job done in 2019, we don’t have to put the heat on as early as we used to. Right now, it’s 47 degrees outside and 68 inside.
  • Not yet!!!
  • Yes I did Just put it on I’m too old to let my witches joints freeze up before the big day
  • Mine's been on almost a month now. But I still sleep with the window open
  • My husband did too only because I used the baby card. Can’t have my granddaughter cold when she comes over. Lol

What's happening by you? Did you cave on turn on your heat yet? Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page, and of course you can always respond through our stations mobile app.

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