I'm going to need all these shows to stop having reunions or I'm going to want another quarantine next year.

Last night the cast of the wildly popular NBC comedy Parks and Rec came back together for a reunion episode. Kind of.

Parks and Rec writers got together and created a COVID-19 themed episode with the whole cast reuniting through video conference. The episode worked in part with State Farm and Subaru to raise money for Feeding America.

Back in 2015 Parks and Rec wrapped up filming after 7 successful seasons. So to see the cast from Amy Poehler to Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe get back together was a must-see for fans.

They even invited back recurring characters like everyone's favorite, and heir to the Sweetums fortune, Bobby Newport. The character of Bobby Newport is famously played by our neighbor in the Hudson Valley Paul Rudd.

In the opening clip, Bobby Newport says he's in Switzerland at his family's "private fox hunting estate," however, it sure looks like he's hanging out in a dreary New York.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think:


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