The "Bigfoot Killer" in Detroit, Michigan was never caught.

Back in 1975, a serial killer in Detroit went on a killing spree between February and October of that year. The man is responsible for the killings of seven different women and girls in a Detroit neighborhood.

This serial killer was given a couple of nicknames at the time. After some investigations, it was thought that the suspect may have suffered from a condition called acromegaly due to his large hands and feet. Hence the name "The Bigfoot Killer." Also, as the crimes were committed in Detroit's Cass Corridor neighborhood, he was also given the nickname "The Cass Ripper."

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The Bigfoot Killer is responsible for some pretty awful crimes. In 1975, the murderer prayed on young girls between the ages of 16 and 22 who were either impoverished or prostitutes in the area. At least four women were raped by the man but were able to escape and go to the police. Sadly, seven other women were not so lucky and were murdered.

Even though police were able to create a facial composite and had other information about the suspect, he was never captured or brought to justice. To this day, The Cass Ripper remains unidentified.

During the investigation, police believed the killer to be between 30 and 35 at the time. So, on the high end, he would be upwards of 80+ years old today, if he is even alive. It is sad that the families of the victims may never have justice or closure after the murders.


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