Even in the dead of winter our rescue officers are out and about preparing themselves for any situation.

The Department of Environmental Conservation in Region 4 took out some time on February 5th to train with Alpine Endeavors, a local climbing guide service. This wasn't just your average climbing training, Forest Rangers Lt. Dave Pachan, Rob Dawson, Dave Nally, Hannah O'Connor, Melissa Milano, and Dylan McCartney participated in vertical ice climbing techniques.

If you think it sounds intense, you're right. Just looking at the pictures gets your heart racing a little faster.


The training took place, in the perfect location for some vertical ice climbing, at Kaaterskill Clove off State Route 23A in the town of Hunter.

The DEC reports that the training gave Forest Rangers the opportunity to climb the ice walls and use their ropes and other cold weather gear.

People travel from all over to visit the Catskills and the Hudson Valley to participate in winter activities such as ice climbing.These training exercises help Rangers build up their climbing experience, which will help in possible rescue situations.

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