Raise your hand if you are anxiously waiting for the planting season. I am right there with you. My collection of seed catalogs and gardening magazines are growing by the day. My head is filled with things we can do in our yard, maybe a new flowerbed, plants for the shady parts of our yard, and maybe adding a few ornamental trees or shrubs? Imagine how happy I was to discover that the New York Annual Tree and Shrub seedling sale is now going on.

Each year, with the help of the Saratoga Tree Nursery, New York offers a wide selection of conifers, hardwoods, wildlife habitat shrubs/small trees, mixed species packs, and more. While the average height is between five and fourteen inches, you can get a nice variety to fit your lawn without breaking the bank. You just need a little patience while they grow.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation all you have to do is simply choose which plants you want, click here for the pdf of the brochure, and you can either drive to Saratoga to pick up your purchase, ask for it to be shipped to the designated location in your county, or pay a little more to have them delivered by UPS.

Schools throughout New York can get free seedlings for spring planting with the DEC School Seedling Program. Each school can receive either 50 tree seedlings or a 30 packet of mixed wildlife shrubs.

It's a great way to help improve air quality while you add to the beauty of your home or school.

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