It case you aren't up to date on your "National Day of the Month" calendar you might not be aware that today is National Crayon Day. It also happens to be National Black Forest Cake day and National Weed Appreciation Day. But we are here to discuss crayons and the official retirement of one particular color.

Would it seem ironic if I told you that Crayola, the official crayon maker, retired the color Dandelion today. Yes, that's right on National Weed Appreciation Day Crayola announce the retirement of the "yellow" crayon call Dandelion. A Coincidence? maybe but timely for sure.

CNN Money Coverage

The Unboxer version of the announcement

It is official the 24 box of crayon is now 23 until sometime in May when it is rumored that a new color will be added to the box the could be of a blue hue. USA Today reported that earlier today.

Not everyone is excited about this change. Beth Christy stated "She was having a meltdown over it." CJ and Jess could not be reach for comment. I personally feel they are "breaking" up with a great color combination.




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