A coyote and wolf walk into a radio station...

Okay so they didn't walk into the station, however CJ and I happened to catch a pretty cool moment outside the Wolf studio earlier this week. On Tuesday morning, during a commercial break, CJ had stood up and looked out the window. That's when he noticed we had a visitor outside. From the looks of it there was a small coyote just hanging out in the stations backyard.

CJ decided to go outside and check it out, even though I told him that they were probably rabid. I'm no animal expert, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Anyway, CJ went outside and it must of spooked the one we saw because another came darting from the back.

If any of you animal enthusists can confirm for us, are these coyotes or foxes? And should they be out during the day? Let us know on Facebook.


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